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فحص CRP

C-reactive protein test

The C-reactive protein test (CRP) is a laboratory blood test done to detect the level of a protein produced by the liver. This protein is secreted in the event of inflammation in the body, so what is the CRP test and what does it mean? [1] C-reactive protein test A blood sample is drawn from […]

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Kidney function examination

Kidney function is checked by drawing a blood sample from the potential patient. This is done after the doctor orders these tests based on the physical examination and the specific symptoms that appear on the patient. Maybe it is important to know what kidney function tests are? When should you have this examination? Kidney function

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هل التمر يرفع السكر

Do dates raise blood sugar?

Diabetics always wonder whether eating dates may raise blood sugar, especially during the month of Ramadan, and it is recommended that it is Sunnah to break the fast with dates first. In our next article, we will answer the question: Do dates raise blood sugar, and we will talk more about dates and diabetes. Dates

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